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COS: Big Sir New Album Song Premiere “Ready On The Line”

Big Sir, the Los Angeles-based project of vocalist Lisa Papineau (ME & LP, M83, Air) and The Mars Volta bassist Juan Alderete, will release their third album, Before Gardens After Gardens, in February. The two composers’ articulate, electronic-tinged blend of R&B, jazz, and hip-hop falls somewhere between Papineau’s acoustic solo work and Alderete’s forays into prog-rock as part of The Mars Volta.

Before Gardens After Gardens’ first single “Ready on the Line” spikes Papineau’s exquisitely harmonized Bjorkian voice with whistles, chimes, and mechanical claps. The subtle background heartbeats, reminiscent of Timbaland’s early work with Aaliyah, anchor the buoyant track, which otherwise threatens to float away on Papineau’s upper range, especially when she screams, “Get so high!” Stream it or download it below.

Big Sir – “Ready on the Line”

Before Gardens After Gardens is out February 7th on Rodriguez Lopez Productions / Sargent House. The album also features contributions by The Mars Volta’s Cedric Bixler-Zavala, RX Bandits’ Matthew Embree,  bassist Jonathan Hischke, and Beastie Boys producer “Money” Mark Ramos-Nishita.

me&LP Debut Release Chez Raymond- Out Now!

me&LP “Chez Raymond” now available at Itunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and all digital retailers worldwide. CD available for order HERE


Sargent House / RLP Presents May We Introduce You To Big Sir Free Album DL All Weekend

Big Sir is Lisa Papineau and Juan Alderete. After a five year wait Big Sir have just finished their 3rd album and it will be coming out on RLP / SH in January 2012 with a lot of great special guest players including Cedric Bixler Xavala on drums. We have already been talking a lot about Lisa and Juan’s other projects; Sargent House put out Lisa Papineau’s solo album Red Trees in 2010 and is releasing the new EP she just did with our own Matthew Embree under the moniker ME&LP entitled Chez Raymond on August 9, 2011. Juan plays bass in The Mars Volta, as well as in the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group and Vato Negro. So we figured it was time to start talking about their new 
Big Sir album and to introduce to you this music if you are not familiar already. So we will be giving away for FREE Download their last album entitled Und Die Scheiße Ändert Sich Immer all weekend, just enter your email address - we won’t spam you and you can unsubscribe anytime if you don’t want any further news from Big Sir.  Enjoy and share it with friends! - Sargent House / Rodriguez Lopez Productions.

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An Interview with Sound Colour Vibration

Lisa Papineau is one of our favorite singers and musicians at Sound Colour Vibration and we are very excited to bring this interview to our site. She was born in New England and is a current resident of Paris, France. Lisa has released two full length solo records, two records with her project Big Sir that includes The Mars Volta bassist Juan Alderete de la Peña, soundtrack scores and so much more. Now with a new Big Sir album completed and awaiting release along with a new project with RX Bandits guitarist and singer Matt Embree, she has created a legacy of music that is already showing its timeless nature. We contacted her to get some info on these various new projects and these are the results, enjoy! ~ by  Erik Otis

You are releasing an EP this July through Sargent House with singer and guitarist of RX-Bandits, Matt Embree. What brought you guys together for a release and where was the EP recorded at?

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ZYZXX Podcast Feature : Lisa Papineau - New Track with Matt Embree

Lisa Papineau chats it up with Jennifer Hitchcock founder of the Zine ZYZXX which is now a Podcast and this is their debut episode! A very special treat in there is a brand new not yet released track from the upcoming EP called ME & LP that is Matthew EmbreeLisa Papineau together. Sargent House will be releasing the EP this summer and it’s a real beauty. You can download the Podcast HERE from Itunes or you can stream it HERE.  Enjoy (Impatient? jump to start at around 3:00 minutes in for the music and interview start) - Posted by Sargent House

Read More About this Episode of ZYZXX Podcast

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"Rainmaker" Sargent House Glassroom Session

REPOSTED From Sargent House

Lisa Papineau performs “Rainmaker” a new song with Chris Tsagakis aka Technology on drums and Michael Morgan also on drums. We truly only got one take of this one and then we got shut down because it was loud. Lisa wanted to shoot at night and after the Fang Island glassroom well let’s just say my neighbors hate me. The shut down did at least bring about one of my favorite sessions of Lisa stripped down, almost a whisper performing “Sorry I Can’t English" if you missed that one check it out below. 

and check out the feature on Lisa Papineau by Chris Martins in LA Weekly.

Sargent House Free Compilation

From now until October 15th, Tastemakers Magazine has curated a free download of their hand picked tracks from the wonderful label Sargent House. Check out the tracklist below and make sure you download the compilation while you can!

DOWNLOAD :: Tastemakers Magazine’s Sargent House Picks – [LINK]

Gypsyblood – “Take Your Picture”
Technology feat. Aaron Chapman from Nurses – “New Weird Pop”
Tera Melos – “Aped”
Zach Hill – “Memo To The Man”
Fang Island – “Sideswiper”
Native – “Backseat Crew”
RX Bandits – “Breakfast Cat”
Maps & Atlases – “Witch”
Good Old War – “Get Some”
This Town Needs Guns – “Zebra”
Lisa Papineau – “Annette Tessier”
Cast Spells – “Letters”
Omar Rodriguez Lopez – “Ojo Al Cristo De Plata”

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A Glassroom Session “Shooting Stars” / Technology

Chris Tsagakis' solo project goes by the moniker Technology. This song is a cut from his upcoming full length album and features Lisa Papineau on vocals. 1 Take 2 Cameras filmed in the Sargent House Glass Room. And if you missed it, make sure to go and check out another track from Technology featuring Aaron Chapman from Nurses in the Sargent House “What’s Next” archives HERE.

A Glassroom Session “Sorry I Cannot English”

Lisa Papineau ‘s Sorry I Cannot English from the album Red Trees,  live from the Glassroom at Sargent House. Thanks to Behn Fannin for shooting and Editing it along with Tim Schutsky on second camera. 

two more songs coming soon, one with Technology and a song we all thought was a throw away because the neighbors made us stop drumming after only 1 take of it.

Red Trees CD on Sale All of September

Sargent House and Rodriguez Lopez Productions are having a Pick any 4 CDs for only $20 Sale and it includes Red Trees,  along with some other great new and old titles from both labels. This will only be through September and while supplies last.

CDS - Click on any link to hear the album in full

El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Cryptomnesia
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Xenophanes
Bygones - By-
Zechs Marquise - Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare
Cast Spells - Bright Works And Baton
Native - Wrestling Moves
RX Bandits - Mandala
RX Bandits - And The Battle Begun
Lisa Papineau - Red Trees
Love You Moon - Waxwane
Maps & Atlases - You And Me And The Mountain
Days Away - Earcandy For the Headphone Trippers
Daughters - Live From CBGBS
Tera Melos - Drugs/Complex
Tera Melos - Untitled

they are also doing a 4 for $40 Vinyl Deal that’s worth checking out!


Singer/Composer Lisa Papineau is best known for her work with Tyler Bates in Pet and Big Sir with bassist Juan Alderete of The Mars Volta. But those aren’t her only projects; she has contributed vocals to Air, M83 and many others, as well as produced her own solo albums. Her most recent of which is Red Trees, released on Sargent House May 5th. She is exceptionally prolific! Lucky for me I received a press release that included a link to an mp3 of the single, White Leather Pants, otherwise I might have missed out.

Papineau is an inspiring artist who doesn’t let her battle with multiple sclerosis get in the way of her work. In fact, at the time this interview occurred (mid-May) she had just released Red Trees, was performing some dates in France and then was back in the recording studio making even more music.

Reading that fateful press release I got a picture of an adventurous woman with vast reserves of creative energy. Since I admire people who aren’t afraid to pick up and move to different states, or in her case, countries, I wanted to ask her about that experience and how she manages to be as prolific as she has been. Though she was in the middle of promoting her new release, and recording even more music, she took some time to answer my questions via email.

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NME: Top 10 Downloads Featuring White Leather Pants

NME has included Lisa Papineau’s “White Leather Pants” in it’s Top 10 Downloads this week.

4. Lisa Papineau – ‘White Leather Pants’
Leading lady of LA band Big Sir, Papineau has also worked with other acts like M83, Air and P.O.D. – but we’re loving her solo stuff. ‘White Leather Pants’ (from her album ‘Red Trees’) is one sexy song – while background vocals are singing “chicka boom, chicka boom”, her airy vocals swirl around, closing out in a whisper.